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As Seen on Rashida Jones

This week, we are fawning over the smart and sexy specs worn by multi-tasking actress, comic-book author, and screen-writer, Rashida Jones. With her excellent choice of large, well-sculpted frames, she creates a look that is both intellectual and somewhat suave Rashida is wearing semi-rimmed frames, with a very subtle cat-eye. This certainly plays into that

Retro- the way to go

In the fashion world, nothing is too good to be vintage and retro. Stylish and bold, vintage eyewear is still holding on to its original flavor and classic aura and is continuing to reign season after season. Celebrities everywhere have been spotted wearing retro eyeglasses as part of their accessory package. From Buddy Holly to

Oversized: Faux-Pas or Yes-Please?

As Seen On Kim Kardashian and Rosie Huntington Modern and bold, wrap sunglasses can be a very tasteful accessory for your outfit. They provide excellent coverage from the sun, boast beautiful contemporary lines, and tend to attract a lot of attention. Problems occur when they are poorly chosen, however, so you have to know exactly

Be –specy- An understated style statement

It doesn’t matter whether you like the nerdy look or not, the thick/thin, rimmed, rimless; the bespectacled look is here to stay in tinsel town It’s cool to be “Be- bespectacled”, that’s what our Hollywood celebs say. Winks, wink…we all are swooned over Johnny’s taste for eyeglasses. He has got a reputation here for choosing

Shining stars behind the lenses

Glasses can bring about dramatic changes to your image. By wearing glasses you can pull off not only a sharp and intelligent look but also a sexy, soft, charming and naturally glowing. Image. Check out the look for yourself, as seen on these popular celebrities. Katie Holmes is looking stylish with the gorgeous tortoiseshell sunglasses

Eyes on these four eyes

While some of our favorite celebs have dumped their specs, plenty rock glasses in their everyday life.From celebrities like Demi Moore to Johnny Depp, eyeglasses are making their appearance on the celebrity red carpet. Photo source: skinnyvscurvy.com Rihana recently sizzled in this thin strappy floral dress, toned down with a pair of open toe lace

Eye the hottest celebrity glasses

Gone are the days when eyeglasses were associated with geeks. Today, fashion and eyeglasses  go hand in hand.   When was the last time you saw Johnny Depp without his tortoiseshell-rim and it is very hard for you to imagine Tom Cruise without his aviators. We wouldn't be amazed if some of these stars do not have vision

Celebrity Glasses For Less

Are eyeglasses the new fashion essential? Well, yes, according to an article by the L.A. Times. Celebrities everywhere have been spotted sporting eyewear as part of their accessory package. Instead of “hiding” their misfortunate less-than-perfect eyesight, the trend is on eyeglasses that highlight; the glasses are the look. High-end designers like Prada and Giorgi Armani