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Men's Eyeglasses

Here at GlobalEyeglasses.com we are pleased to offer our customers a range of fashionable and comfortable wearing men’s eyeglasses which can cater for all individuals. Our men’s range of eyeglasses provides customers with many frame shapes to choose from that can cater to all face shapes. We deliver a variety of shapes including aviator, oval, cat-eye, rectangular, round, and wayfarer that are great for all wearers.

The Aviator shape, the style worn by Tom Cruise in the movie Top Gun, provides wearers with a classic, cool, and relaxed look that can compliment round faces and oval faces. The cat-eye style delivers a sexiness for those who sport a heart shape face, while oval styles deliver smartness, professionalism, and sophistication for the heart face. Rectangular and Wayfarer shapes also deliver that professional edge for those with round faces and triangle faces like Adam Levine and David Beckham, and are great for the business professionals to wear for meetings or the high end lifestyle.

This fall season darker colored frames are proving popular with many opting for the blacks, deep browns, dark reds and oranges. Tortoise shell frames are also in style with many people loving the mix of patterned orange and reds throughout the mix. All frames come in a variety of different colors to suit all personalities and include colors of black, silver, transparent, brown, gray, gold, blue, red, tortoise shell, gunmetal, white, leopard print, purple, copper, dark brown, pattern, bronze, marun, matte black, pink, beige, green and orange.

Here we also feature a variety of lens types including progressive, bifocal, and single vision. Our progressive eyeglasses are made with a progressive lens to fit any type of eyeglasses frame, while our bifocal lenses fit into any frame with a larger front frame depth. Single vision lenses are versatile and can fit into any of our frames to deliver a complete and comfortable look.

All our men’s eyeglasses are manufactured from tohighest standards possible. All our frames are made from top quality materials including plastic, metal and titanium to withstand the vigorous wear and tear of everyday life. All frames offer long lasting hinges that can withstand daily use for long lasting eyewear that won’t let you down.

Wearing a new pair of glasses from our men’s range can give you confidence, style, and satisfaction. You will feel empowered and will feel a comfort like never before that will make you want to wear them all the time. With a 30 day money back guarantee on all frames, why not see if you can find something that is just right for you, here at GlobalEyeglasses.com.