Sports Rx Sunglasses

  • Case and microfiber cloth
  • Anti-Reflective
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Hydrophobic
  • Free Shipping
  • UV Protection 400
  • Range from +8,00 dpt to -16,00 dpt
  • Options: Photochromatic and Polarized

Here at we are proud to bring to our athletes and sports stars a great range of sports RX sunglasses in styles of wrap, rectangular and oval to cater for many face shapes. All our sports sunglasses are able to cater to your prescription and offer multiple lens options including progressive, bifocal and single vision. With the comeback of the wrap around style offering high comfort, the rectangular style is also a popular choice that easily conforms to the face during any grilling training session. With the set in of the fall season, trends of darker colors have made a popular choice for all wearers. Splashes of reds, browns and oranges have also become a favourite while plastic is the top choice for all athletes. If you are looking for a pair of sports RX sunglasses, look no further than our range of fashionable eyewear today!

For any athlete or sport enthusiast, here at we are proud to bring to you a great range of Sports RX Sunglasses that are available in a range of different frame shapes. Our Sports RX sunglasses come available in styles of rectangular, wrap, and oval which are perfect for most face shapes.

Our wrap-around sunglasses with the prescription lens clip are a popular choice for many sports fans. These types of sunglasses are great for sports like skiing, golf, basketball, and baseball to provide a comfortable fit without the risk of them falling off. Our oval and rectangular shaped sports RX sunglasses are also popular for those who may want something more versatile.

This fall season the wrap around style is proving a popular choice for tough training sessions and can easily fit securely to the head at all times while working out. The rectangular shape has also become a popular choice because it easily conforms to the face at all times. Splashes of oranges, reds, and browns are a favourite this season with plastic being the top choice for athletes with a reduced risk of breaking if an accident occurs while training.

All our sports RX sunglasses are manufactured to the highest standards available and are made from high quality plastic materials which can handle the vigorous wear and tear of any sporting lifestyle. All our sports RX sunglasses comes available with multiple lens options to choose from which can easily cater for any prescription needs. Here we stock bifocal, single vision, and progressive lens options. Our bifocal prescription lenses are made to fit sunglasses with deeper front frames. The single vision and progressive prescription lenses are designed fit any frame for added versatility. Each lens offers a polarized or tinted appearance that can help with reducing overall glare when worn in the sunlight.

All our sunglasses are designed to be worn by serious athletes and when wearing a pair of sports RX sunglasses, you will notice a confidence boost and increase in your abilities while training which can help to take you to the next level. So if you are looking for a pair of sports RX sunglasses that can handle your busy lifestyle, look no further than our range today here at