We believe that buying quality glasses should be easy and that everyone should be able to buy a pair of the top quality eyewear, without spending a fortune.

Therefore we started making eyewear, because we believe that we can do it better!

Our Glasses

We have traveled all over the world to figure out how to make the perfect glasses. Our adventure took us to France, Germany, Italy, Japan, India and China. We quickly discovered that the price could be much lower, if we would do everything ourself.

That’s why we design our own glasses at our studio in Germany, let our frames be manufactured by the best manufacturer. So we ensure that you can get top quality glasses at the best price.

How it all started?

Every good idea starts with a challenge.

When co-founder Arjun Sagar moved to United States from India in late 2005, he was surprised that it took more than two weeks for his glasses with high prescription to be ready, and he had to pay a bill of over $400 at optical store, which was very difficult for him.

When no one could tell why glasses had cost more than an iPad, then began his global adventure and Global Eyeglasses was born!

Why the name?

Which obviously comes from our Global Adventures and we decided our eyeglasses will be inspired by the best values from different countries.


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