What’s dark-colored, over-sized, and all the rage in the world of Hollywood accessories?  

We’ll give you a hint–it’s not the latest handbag.

More than a functional piece of daily life, eyeglasses are now part of a major trend in fashion-forward styles. From celebrities like Demi Moore to Brad Pitt, eyeglasses are making their appearance on the celebrity red carpet.

Milena Cavicchioli, vice president of marketing for Luxottica Group — the Milan-based eyewear company that owns major eyeglass retailers such as Ray-Ban, Oakley and Oliver Peoples—states that fashion designers are catering to the trend with styled looks ready for the runway.

“The [optical] collections themselves are becoming more elaborate,” she said. “There are some [styles] that are like jewelry pieces, that make a big fashion statement — like Prada’s Baroque frame, for example. The collections are being treated in a more fashion-forward way.”

So what celebrities are wearing the fashionable frames as part of their everyday style?

Take a look at our list below and steal their style with affordable prescription glasses available from Global Eyeglasses!

1. Diane Keaton 

Known for her grace and style as one of Hollywood’s experienced actresses, Diane Keaton is beloved for her quirky sense of fun and feel-good movies. As a member of the elite group of women in Hollywood who know what works for them, Diane’s choice in glasses reflects a simple elegance that will never go out of style.
Diane’s glasses: Dita Legends, “Royce”, $375
Our glasses: La Cool Black, $49

2. Jennifer Aniston

The always fashionable and trend-setting actress showed off her version of the boyfriend-style with a pair of retro dark-rimmed glasses earlier this year. Think it will be a rival to the “Rachel” haircut?

Jen’s glasses: Oliver Peoples, starting at $350-$400
Our glasses: Freedom’s “Clarence” in Tiger Brown, $49

3. Sandra Bullock

Ms. Sandra has been a leading lady in Hollywood for many years. From her early role in Speed to an Oscar winner, new mom and recent single lady, Sandra knows how to maintain a stylish image. She is no stranger to leading fashion trends in a quiet, unassuming way that still manages to get noticed.

Sandra’s glasses: Dita Legends, “Royce”, $375
Our glasses: “Keep Calm,” $29

4. David Beckham

A leader on and off the field, David Beckham is known alongside of his famous family for his cutting-edge style and impeccable fashion sense. Invoking the envy of men everywhere with his athletic prowess and glamorous lifestyle, Beckham proves that real men look in good in glasses. Remember—he’s not married to “Posh Spice” for nothing.

David’s glasses: Dita Legends, “Statesmen,” $550
Our glasses: “Francisco-Black 56 mm,” $29