Are eyeglasses the new fashion essential?

Well, yes, according to an article by the L.A. Times.

Celebrities everywhere have been spotted sporting eyewear as part of their accessory package. Instead of “hiding” their misfortunate less-than-perfect eyesight, the trend is on eyeglasses that highlight; the glasses are the look. High-end designers like Prada and Giorgi Armani have jumped on the glasses bandwagon, producing luxury products to meet the high demands of their celebrity clientele. That’s good news for those of us with poor eyesight. If you’re not one of the privileged ranks of less than 20/20, we still have good news for you—with affordable glasses and sunglasses from Global Eyeglass, you can still try on the latest celebrity look for a lot less.

According to the L.A. Times, topping the list of the must-have eyeglasses look are “retro, vintage-inspired frames, chunky tortoise shells and geometric shapes that attract rather than deflect attention.”

Check out the look for yourself, as seen on these popular celebrities!

1. Christina Hendrick

The adorable and curvy bombshell of the hit show “Mad Men” was spotted earlier this year wearing a trendy pair of retro dark-rimmed glasses at an awards show.

Christina’s glasses: Missoni, $195
Our glasses: Freedom’s “Fearless Lama,” $29

2. Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway debuted the trend at a movie premiere in Hollywood. The actress beautifully pulled off the oversized, dark-frame look. Anne’s high ponytail ensured that that all eyes were on her trendy eyewear, making her glasses the spotlight of her movie premiere look.

Anne’s glasses:  Hipster, $145
Our glasses: Saints,” $29

3. Lauren Conrad

 Lauren Conrad rocked the geek-chick look at an L.A. airport. Granted, many of us mere contact-wearing mortals know that traveling with glasses is kind of a no-brainer. But, Lauren gives us hope that we can make glasses look good.

Lauren’s glasses: Versace, $222
Our glasses: Freedom’s Oswald Black, $39

4. Demi Moore

 While Demi Moore may have hit some hard times recently, we all know that she still manages to look good. Demi’s secret? In addition to seemingly age-less skin, a fit body and that hair, she’s not afraid to try out the latest eyeglasses craze. Demi proves that confidence really is the best accessory.

Demi’s glasses: D’Squared, $389
Our glasses: Basic’s William, $49

5. Justin Timberlake

The famous “JT” is not only a fan of the eyeglasses trend, but he actually has founded his own eyewear company, William Rast eyewear. His website claims that “William Rast’s new styles are all about the man looking classic, comfortable, and contemporary in the latest trends.” Oh—and emptying his pockets. Forget that one.

Justin’s glasses: Starting at $110
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