One of the most annoying things about wearing glasses is the fact that they are so easy to lose. Modern long-distance and reading glasses are so small that it is easy to put them down, and not notice when they slip off of the armchair into the waste paper basket, or behind the cushions. Losing glasses is easy; finding them again is very difficult. Rather than running around the house, looking in every crevice, it instead makes better sense to stop for a moment and take some steps towards finding those glasses easily.

Firstly, you need to follow the old advice about looking where you last had them. When did you last use them? If, for example, you know that you took them off to go to bed, and then can’t find them first-thing in the morning, then you may be franticly searching around the bed, on the floor, and on nearby surfaces. However, if you take a moment to stop and think, you might work out that, in fact, you still had your glasses on when you went to brush your teeth. Making a list of the last place you remember having the glasses, and everywhere you have been since, can really help you to locate them.

Another common situation is standing up to find that your glasses are no longer on your lap. Sometimes, they seem to take off on their own accord, and you have to spend a good while looking for them. Rather than making a list, because you know that you were sat in the chair when the glasses when missing, instead, you need to search in a systematic way, starting with your clothes. It is easy for glasses which have been placed on the arm of a chair to get snagged in jumpers or cardigans, or even end up in the pockets of trousers. So check these places before you move away from the seat.

Once you have a clear idea of where the glasses are, you can then start to search around you. Start by feeling down the inside of the chair. Look along the sides of the main seat, where there are usually quite deep crevices. These can be magnets for all kinds of lost items, and glasses can easily slip in here when you stand up. If you can’t find them in the seat itself, then you should search on the floor in front of the seat. This is another prime location for glasses to end up. ¬†Searches performed in this manner will usually find the glasses quickly, without any need for frantic searches.

However, if you still can’t find the glasses, then you may need to start searching in a more abstract way. Look on surfaces near to the chair, as people will sometimes put their glasses on mantelpieces, tables and bookshelves, forgetting about it later. Perhaps the most abstract place to look is on the top of your head, as you might be looking for them, but be wearing them at the same time.