Knowing Your Frame Size

Frame Size

Tip on where to look in the eyeglass frame

Frame size is printed inside most of the frames, except in few cases lettering could be worn out due to daily wear. A frame comprises of the following attributes:

Best Way to Find What Frame Size I Need

You can either look at the size from your previous eyeglass or sunglass frame. The information is usually depicted in the image as shown below:

You can also visit a local optical store and try on some frame and note down the dimensions. Then you can use the dimension on CHECK SIZE Feature on all Category and Product pages, you can also use your PD to find if the frame will fit you or not

Frame Width is the most important measurement. The endpieces are included in the total frame width and they are never measured and/or specified. Frame width is measured from the 2 widest points on the frame. It is calculated by measuring the edge of the lens out to the edge of the frame where the temples are connected. An average endpiece is 2-6 mm for a total of 4-12mm for both.

Note: Compare the width of the frame you like to the ones you're currently wearing.

Frame Size

Determining Your Frame Size
Frame Size

Given below are few instructions to determine the best frame size for your face.

Determining Your Temple Size
Temple arm length is the lenght from the front of the frame to the tip of the temple. An mm or two of difference is not important. You don't want the eyeglasses to perch at a slant above your ear and distort your angle of vision so you want the temple arm to be long enough. To accommodate your personal size, the angle at the tip of the temple may be adjusted.