Progressive Eyeglasses

Stepless & Edgeless Design for near, intermediate & far Vision. Made for Adventurers, Explorers & Pioneers

  • Case and microfiber cloth
  • Anti-Glare & Anti-Reflection
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Hydrophobic
  • UV Protection 400
  • Range from +8,00 dpt to -16,00 dpt
  • Options: Photochromatic and Polarized

Progressive and Bifocal

Beginning around age 40, your eyes can slowly lose the capacity to concentrate on close-by articles. Progressive is a amazing lens which incorporates multiple vision fields into a single lens without any clear distinction among the fields themselves. The power inside the lenses adjusts slowly from top to bottom from Distance, Intermediate(Computer) to Reading.
Progressives you get sleek, continuous vision at close to, middle, and distant focal ranges, with no lines or unsettling image jumps. Bifocals, on the opposite hand, correct close to and distant vision solely. there is a visible line between the 2 fields of vision. that is what creates an often-annoying image jump after you go from one distance near.
They can be – to variable degrees for various individuals. after you initially wear them, you'll feel a brief amount of distortion or wobbliness in your vision till you get accustomed. for a few individuals, it takes a couple of minutes, others, a few days. There are some who take one or two weeks, too.
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